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Industrial Security

There are 90% industries that operates 24x7 hours. To manage their staff and to maintain the secured atmosphere in the industry , they require such type of persons which are highly trained security personnel who can handle both the aspects of the industry. We are here to fulfil the needs of each and every kind of Industrial requirement in terms of guards or other varied manpower.

Escort Services

We strive to minimize the irregularities in fleet management by monitoring the to and fro of the transport. Our trained and skilled personnel take care of door to door escort service and respond actively in case of any mishap. We are skilled in covering the client with tactfulness when it comes to the task of escorting.

Cash Van Security

Nowadays, not only banks but many financial and non financial institutions having large turnover uses cash van to deposit the cash. There is always a chance of cash van threatening. To get relieve from this tension we provide cash van services along with our armed guards and trained persons.

Event security

Whether it is parking control, premises entry exit control, crowd control or its about VIP escorting, we have a specialized and trained team which can work round the clock to manage all safety related arrangements of an event.

Electronic Securit

With the fast technological advancement it is inevitable to install new gadgets at your premises. We provide CCTV Surveillance systems, access control systems, intrusion detection systems, fire detection systems, building management systems etc.


We provide manpower in the category of housekeeping services for bungalows, hotels, banks etc . Our staff is well trained and reliable. Housekeeping services includes cleaning, plantation, cooking etc.

Domestic Security

Our guards are well trained to give you security day and night 24 hours continuously. We provide you security service against any threat of thieves or any nuisance around your premises and also to maintain discipline as per your desired specifications.

Armed Guard Services

We have selected, disciplined and professionally trained personnel from all over Rajasthan. They are deployed at different locations including Corporate & domestic houses, MNCs, Government Institutions and the like. We also provide guarding service to industries, establishments & residential complexes.

Corporate Services

Corporate houses like banks, institutes and like requires monitoring Entry and Exist of personnel. Checking of goods/ stores moving out or being brought into the premises. Building Security and External Vigilance are also provided by us.

As we’re managing the aspects of your safety,

Your security continues to grow.

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